The Convergence is Upon Us: Green-e Eligible Solar and Wind

Ali Shajrawi, Liam Brooks Market Research Briefs

Green-e Eligible Wind and Solar RECs have experienced price convergence recently. This price convergence marks an interesting break from the historical premium at which Green-e Eligible Solar RECs traded compared to wind, primarily due to unique revenue requirements and less installation rates. Nevertheless, recent shifts in the supply & demand dynamics for both commodities have exerted directional pressure on pricing to converge.

Pennsylvania Officially Closes Border

Ali Shajrawi, Liam Brooks Market Research Briefs

On April 19, the Pennsylvania PUC approved a Final Implementation Order for HB118, formally restricting the qualifications of out-of-state solar systems to meet in-state solar compliance requirements, with an exception for any contracted generation that predated the legislation, effective October 2017.

Greenlight for Renewable Incentives in Illinois

Ali Shajrawi, Liam Brooks Market Research Briefs

On April 3, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) approved a final order that addresses several key issues of how the State will meet its ambitious renewable goals under the Long Term Procurement Plan (LTPP). The attached research brief provides an overview of the changes in the Final Order and their implications.

Arizona Proposals Mandate More Renewables

Ali Shajrawi, Liam Brooks Market Research Briefs

Arizona is setting out to diversify its fuel mix and promote more renewable energy adoption. This year, two proposals have been put forth to increase Arizona’s current Renewable Energy Standards (RES) target of 15% by 2025, which has already been met by the State’s obligated utilities.The attached research brief provides an overview of the initiatives and their challenges, as well as a cause for hope.

Banking Off of Low-Build Winds: “Tri”-ing to Project PJM Tier I Fundamentals

Ali Shajrawi, Liam Brooks Market Research Briefs

The PJM Tier I market tested its five-year price lows this past October before mounting a slow but impressive rebound through the first quarter of 2018. While there have been hiccups over the course of this relative recovery, the overall trajectory has been decidedly positive as underlying market fundamentals seem to making a case for forward price strength. Between low installation rates for new qualifying wind facilities, increasing RPS requirements, and ambitious clean energy legislation proposed across a number of states, there is reason to expect tightening supply/demand dynamics on the horizon. The following report details the drivers behind the recent PJM Tier I price resilience and the arguments for potential future appreciation.

Jersey Hold’em: Solar Bill Plays Same Hand After Christie’s Pocket Veto

Ali Shajrawi, Liam Brooks Market Research Briefs

The Illinois Power Agency (IPA) this month filed a final version of its Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan, building on a proposal of the plan released last October. This plan introduces a number of changes to the IL Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), setting ambitious goals and measures to advance the development of new renewable resources in the state.

A Bright Future for Solar in Illinois?

Ali Shajrawi, Liam Brooks Market Research Briefs

Last December, the Illinois state legislature passed SB 2814 concerning the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) program revisions, aiming to promote in-state solar energy project development. Passed as the Future Energy Jobs Bill, SB 2814 seeks to jump start solar development in the state by expanding the existing RPS requirements to include a numerical target to procure RECs from in-state sited solar facilities.

In response to this legislative change, the Illinois Power Authority (IPA) released the highly anticipated long-term procurement plan last September.

In the following research report, Karbone explores the most important changes proposed in the filed plan.

Lead by Example? Hurdles Facing a More Renewable Grid in California

Ali Shajrawi, Liam Brooks, John Nimmons Market Research Briefs

Under Governor Jerry Brown, California has rarely foregone an opportunity to demonstrate leadership when it comes to aggressive renewable energy policies. So why did California’s landmark Senate Bill (SB) 100 to accelerate and expand California’s RPS targets fail?

A combination of concerns among the state’s investor-owned utilities about potential rate, cost allocation and competitive impacts, and diffuse opposition from their labor unions, appears to be to blame. Karbone has co-authored this update with John Nimmons, an attorney with long experience in California energy law and policy, to round up the most recent legislative session and address key topics of emerging interest to the market.