NEPOOL Class I RECs Q1 2015 Data Release Update

Ali Shajrawi Market Research Briefs

NEPOOL Class I data showed continued generation growth across all states and for almost all technologies. In the most liquid markets of Massachusetts and Connecticut, Class I REC generation in Q1 2015 grew 4.6% and 12.9% against Q1 2014, respectively. In addition, even the less liquid New Hampshire market supply grew considerably by 27% in Q1’15 over Q1’14. Class I REC generation increased slightly at 3.1% in Maine and 9.6% in Rhode Island. Nevertheless, Q1 year-on-year rates of growth have decreased significantly for most states across the board (excluding NH). While the absolute levels of RECs produced in Q1 has increased, harsh winter conditions seemed to affect per-MW productivity for most renewable technologies as generation fell below expectations given installed nameplate capacity.